Raise your voice at our Online Radio Station "Radio Vafara" Andriod & IOS

Seamless Broadcasting with the Radio Vafara - The All-in-one & Most Advanced Internet Radio Broadcasting Service

Raise your voice with our online radio station & get android & iOS mobile features. Thus you can do direct Live broadcasting from your Smartphone in HD sound! Absolutely, no expansive or fancy gadgets required! This is ideal when you wish to instantly go Live shows! This is the handiest gadget that can made you Radio Jockey. So no one is close to Radio Vafara technologies when it comes to create, start, run & manage our online radio station! Be International Certified Online Radio Jockey & broadcast seamlessly with our most dependable Internet Radio Broadcasting Station.



Why You Choose Radio Vafara To Become Radio Jockey

Radio Vafara is India’s #1 & the world`s most advanced Internet Radio broadcasting technology that Stream Audio in HD sound. It converts the Audio into small packets & then transmits to the stream players.


Our digital Radio Broadcasting Solutions are equipped with the Power of 4 Servers that Digitally transmit audio without buffering, 24X7 in HD & Ultra HD sound. You can LIVE your voice with our Global Frequency which can be played anywhere in the World available in both android and ios play store and become a certified Radio Jockey.

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Radio Vafara is India’s Top rated & No 1 Online Radio streaming broadcasting service. We play flawlessly on any networks without buffering in Dolby HD Stereo. We have millions of listeners who listen to music online on our Streaming Servers! Smart Phones have become the most powerful Media in every hand. Thus the demand to create Internet radio stations & Listening to online music is growing at a rapid rate. Now you can become an International certified Radio Jockey in collaboration with LV MTÜ, Tallinn Estonia and join our LIVE Internship at Radio Vafara.

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